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Year 7

Year 7 is an important transition year from Primary to Secondary Education. At O’Loughlin Catholic College importance is placed on the middle schooling approach to assist students as they move into secondary school and go through the adolescent spiritual, emotional, physical, academic and social changes. Middle schooling at O’Loughlin Catholic College allows students to be exposed to the complexities of a demanding and diverse curriculum, whilst creating an environment where students feel supported, happy and safe.

Students are allocated to a Pastoral Care class with a designated Pastoral Care Teacher. Each Pastoral Care Teacher is the key person to provide pastoral care and a sense of belonging to students in the College. The Pastoral Care Teacher will teach their Pastoral Care class subject areas as well as leading their group in a Personal Development session conducted once a week. They also take the class for morning roll call. Pastoral Care classes stay together as a class group for all their core subjects.

Within the middle years a variety of key learning areas are taught to give students an opportunity to experience a range of subjects and explore where their future interests may lie. Students are consequently exposed to a wider range of subjects and specialist teachers than encountered during their primary years. Year 7 students study: Religious Education, Health and Physical Education, Humanities [English and Social Sciences], Mathematics, Science, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Languages and Music.

Teachers in Year 7 collaborate as a team to develop rich learning experiences to both challenge and inspire our students. Importance is placed on connected learning across the key learning areas; differentiation for extension and support, and assessment as learning, for learning and of learning.


Parent & Middle School Handbook