Banner image: Year 8

Year 8

The Year 8 learning program encourages students to realise their spiritual, academic, moral, emotional and physical development. Middle schooling at O’Loughlin Catholic College starts in Year 7 and creates an environment where students feel supported, happy and safe; encourages an increased level of accountability, responsibility, awareness of digital citizenship and decision-making within the students; and values and honours all as unique and special.

Within the middle years a variety of key learning areas are taught to give students an opportunity to experience a range of subjects and explore where their future interests may lie. Students in Year 8 are provided with the opportunity to consolidate and extend their knowledge, understanding and skills in each of the core compulsory subjects of Religious Education, Health and Physical Education, Humanities [English and Social Sciences], Mathematics, Science, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Languages and Music.

Teachers in Year 8 collaborate as a team to develop varied and innovative pedagogies relevant to our students’ educational needs and interests.  Importance is placed on connected learning across the key learning areas; differentiation for extension and support, and assessment as learning, for learning and of learning.

Students in Year 8 are allocated to a Pastoral Care class with a designated Pastoral Care Teacher.  The Pastoral Care Teacher teaches their Pastoral Care class at least one subject including a Personal Development lesson once a week. In addition the Pastoral Care teacher will take the class for morning roll call.

Parent & Middle School Handbook