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Uniform Shop

PLEASE NOTE - Uniforms cannot be purchased from the school anymore.

O'Loughlin Catholic College Uniform

Students are required to wear full College uniform at all times, including travelling to and from College.

Uniforms are available for purchase from:

The Cricket and Football Shop
Unit 1/422 Stuart Hwy
Winnellie, NT 0820
(08) 8947 4454

Boys Uniform

  •     Plain black polishable lace-up leather school shoes
  •     Plain white socks
  •     Grey drill Wash & Wear buckle shorts 
  •     Teal College polo shirt with College emblem
  •     College Hat 
  •     College jacket

Girls Uniform

  •    Plain black polishable lace-up leather school shoes
  •    Plain white socks
  •    Maroon shorts
  •    Teal College polo shirt with College emblem 
  •    College Hat 
  •    College jacket 

Physical Education Uniform Boys and Girls

  •     Black O’Loughlin Catholic College sport shorts with logo
  •     House colour polo shirt with logo (Red, Blue, Yellow or Green)
  •     White ankle socks
  •     College hat

Students are not permitted to wear PE gear to or from College.

If a student does not wear the correct uniform, they will be issued with a uniform notice by the staff member in question.  Three (3) uniform notices will result in a lunchtime detention.  Multiple detentions for uniform infringements will result in an interview with parents or guardian to discuss the issue and reach a resolution.

It is the duty of both teachers in class and in the yard to ensure that the uniform policy is enforced by filling out uniform infringement notices.

Jewellery & Other Items

All students should note that the O’Loughlin Catholic College policy on jewellery is:


Earrings - up to two pairs of small studs or fine small sleepers (to be worn in the lower lobe only)
Rings - one plain ring only
Necklaces - small cross or religious medallion on a chain only
Bracelets -medical bracelet
                -one single plain bracelet or bangle

Any other jewellery items will be confiscated until the end of term

Not Acceptable

Nose studs or body piercing other than the ear
Hair - both sexes: extremes of hair length, colours and styles
Make-up or nail polish
Jumpers other than the College jacket
Shoes – Ballet, jiffies and slip-ons are not acceptable
Hats/caps other than the College sunsmart hat
Facial Hair

O’Loughlin Catholic College Shoe Policy

O’Loughlin Catholic College has made a decision, in line with the requirements of the new Occupational Health and Safety Act under which we have to operate, that all students must, wear only full–fitting, traditional school shoes with lace up fronts that provide both a robust sole, good support for growing feet, and a non-permeable polishable leather upper that protects the entire top of the foot.


T-Bar shoes, popularly worn by girls and previously acceptable shoes, will no longer be able to be selected for school. Nor will any shoe  that has perforations or mesh inserts.

Boys have been known to wear the black ‘runner’ or ‘walker’ that is made of leather, however these shoes do not provide sufficient protection from toxic or scalding spills. Therefore they are not acceptable due to the perforations and mesh panels.