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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in Catholic schools very clearly places Christian ministry in the context of relationships: relationship with God, relationship with others and relationship with self. Each person is called to actively promote the wellbeing, belonging and security of all members of the school community. Consequently, Pastoral Care is the unifying focus for the spiritual, academic, social and emotional aspects of school life. (Catholic Education Northern Territory Strategic Improvement and Renewal Framework, 2013)

Thus the Pastoral Care system at O'Loughlin Catholic College aims to ensure that the needs of the whole child are met. This system plays a vital role in developing the knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary for our students.

Pastoral Care Teachers

When your son or daughter enrols at O'Loughlin Catholic College, he or she is placed in a Pastoral Care group. The teacher of this group of students is called the Pastoral Care (PC) or Personal Development (PD) teacher and teaches this particular group a significant amount of the time, including one PD lesson per week.

The PC teacher is the first contact for parents at the College for any matters that relate to the behaviour, personal or academic concerns of their child.

Restorative Justice

The school has implemented a "Real Justice" approach to student welfare and management issues. This system of restorative justice looks at any incident that occurs and the harm that has resulted from the behaviour. Students are encouraged to accept primary responsibility for their behaviour and to explore "who has been affected?" by the incident. The student is then guided to work out for themselves how to take steps "to make things right". The College believes it is important to keep open communication between the staff, parents and students when issues arise.