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Counselling Services

CatholicCare NT is a social service agency of the Catholic Diocese of Darwin. Students of O'Loughlin Catholic College can access this service free of charge. At the College we have access to an onsite Student Counsellor, from CatholicCare three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Young people access counselling for lots of different reasons. Some young people access counselling around issues including:

• Relationship difficulties
• Bullying/friendships issues
• Parental separation/divorce
• Life adjusment/transitions
• Self-esteem
• Depressed mood or anxiety
• Grief/loss

The counselling service provided is confidential and young people can access the service without their parent/guardians’ permission. The counsellor provides a wide-range of therapeutic interventions and works from a student-centred approach.

There are a number of alternative ways to make an appointment to see the counsellor:
• Phone the College on 89451277
• Visit the counsellor’s office located in Collins Block
• Speak to the reception staff located in the Administration block
• Ask your teacher / Team Leader to assist you
• The counsellor will discuss scheduling any ongoing appointments with you. If you find an appointment time is unsuitable, please notify the school counsellor as soon as possible in order to reschedule.