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Principal’s News

June 25, 2020

Dear O’Loughlin Community,
What a semester it has been! Well done and thank you for your support and resilience over this challenging time. I do believe that we have managed because we supported each other and remained composed and calm.

COVID-19 has created a new paradigm and the challenges will remain. With Borders opening just before Semester Two begins, it is vital that we all look after ourselves over the break, keep safe, practice good hygiene, and return feeling refreshed. In the future, if there is a breakout of COVID-19 in the Northern Territory, or even at O’Loughlin, we are ready to  continue the delivery of our education – online and/or face-to-face. The hard work preparing to go online at the end of Term One has left us feeling confident of being ready for any eventuality.

One last reflection - last week I had an unplanned and unscripted conversation with one of our amazing Year 8 students about how to deal with grief and loss. It was life changing for me! I was beautifully and gently forced to contemplate my intense grief and for that I will be forever grateful. I am blessed to be a teacher, surrounded by so many incredible young adults.

Stay safe, rest, enjoy the break and I look forward to seeing you all in the new semester. (And check out the NT News on Friday for a possible article on O’Loughlin!)

All the best.
Rhett Bowden