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Principal’s News

9 September 2020  

Dear O’Loughlin Community ,RUOK?

This Thursday is RUOK? day at O’Loughlin - an important day that highlights how vital it is to ‘check in’ with one another, to care for each other and to act when needed to support those who are not going OK.

Am I OK?

Not today.  Tragically, my niece, my wife Helen’s younger brother’s teenage daughter has died.  She took her own life last Thursday.  She was certainly not OK.

Helen, Imogen and I are devastated.  But we are confident that we will be ok.  How can we be confident?  Because of the strength that comes from the love of family and the love of our O’Loughlin community.  We know we are not alone and that we have people who really care for us.  We are always asked if we are ok.

I am really sorry if this terrible news raises difficult thoughts or memories, but I need to share the message that we all must keep caring for each other, focus our attention onthose that need it most, and never let the opportunity go to ask RUOK? and, when required, act.

Mental illness, depression, and all other debilitating conditions such as these, are everpresent in our society.  We take Mental Health very seriously at O’Loughlin and I know that so does our community.  Please keep caring.

If any of you, or your children or family, need help, please access the Mental Health support  services.    Our  Catholic  Care  counselling  services  are  free  to  all  in  ourcommunity.  The Catholic Care phone number is 89442000.  And if you are not sure where to turn to, please call any one of us here at O’Loughlin.

Please pray for our niece and our family and thank you for your care.

Rhett Bowden