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Principal’s News

September 24th, 2019

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

I walked around our College this morning, just before homeroom time, and marvelled at the calm and friendly environment and sense of community that exists.  Students are chatting, getting organised at lockers, saying good morning to me and smiling.  Teachers and staff are chatting, getting organised in the homerooms, saying good morning and smiling.  The bell went and everyone is ready.  It is Week 10 … Monday… this is wonderful to see, and how it should be.  It is our goal to continue in this manner for the remainder of the week and complete what has been a dynamic and successful term.

Our staff joined with every member of Catholic Education at the Convention Centre two Fridays ago for our Catholic Identity day. Thank you again for your support by organising to have your children at home for the day.  The focus of the day was ‘What is our purpose as a Catholic school that delivers Catholic education?'

For me it was validating to hear and experience the fact that we are here to give to our young people and community the best opportunities to ‘be the best they can be’, and this means to be fully human.  We do not educate just to enable our young to be prepared for a job, to help the economy and to be financially secure – all incredibly important factors of course and we do this very well – we also educate so that our young can be spiritually, emotionally and mentally strong, or, in other words, fully human.  We aim for them to grow in understanding and appreciate that to be fully human we do not just live for ourselves, but that we are there for others.  For it is in our relationships that we can be fully human and make a difference on the world.

Our Ski Trip flew off to the slopes of New Zealand on Friday night and we look forward to following their adventures over the next week.  Mr Bament, Ms Henderson and Ms Hives will keep us updated on the fun.  This is another terrific opportunity for our students to embrace life and I thank the staff and parents for supporting it.

The holidays are almost upon us – please enjoy the break with family and friends.  I look forward to seeing everyone back and refreshed, ready to complete Term Four and a highly successful year.

All the best.
Rhett Bowden