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Principal’s News

August 14th, 2019

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

It’s Week 4 already!

The College is in ‘full steam ahead education’ mode and there is action aplenty.  The three previous weeks have felt somewhat disjointed but now we can settle into a routine that will allow us to continue to strive for success in all fields.  There is only 16 weeks of school to go for the year (10 before Year 12 exams) so there is no time to wait.  Our staff and students are prepared, organised and fully committed to working determinedly to achieve desired outcomes.  It is, of course, our collective responsibility to keep our students engaged and inspired to achieve to their potential.

We  had  our  whole  school  Mass  (Feast  of  Mary  MacKillop)  last  Thursday  and  also  had  an  Assembly  on Friday.  Both were highly successful; it is always wonderful to be involved in these positive College events that bring us together as a community.

The Sports Precinct is up and running and it is great to see how it is being utilised and the impact it has already had on the school.  The PE and sport staff are very pleased, as classes and activities can be conducted in a high quality facility, and it has created a lot more space and opportunity for activity and fun at break times.  Thanks again to our Board Committee, led by our Chair, Kim Leslie, and Anthony Burton for their leadership and wise guidance during the planning and organising of the project.

Thank you to all parents and students who attended our Information nights in the past two weeks.  These shared important information and advice regarding subject selection and pathways in the transition from Year 9 to 10 and from Year 10 to 11.  If you were not able to attend, please ask your child to collect a Subject Handbook from the front office.  There will be a lot more information and guidance given to the students in the coming weeks to ensure that all are prepared.

Year 9 camps are occurring and it is great to see the energy and enthusiasm of the students and staff.

Swimming Carnival is this Friday.  I have argued that this is the best day of the year and I am really looking forward to the competition and fun.  For the first time ever (I think) we are having it at Parap Pool.  With the grand shade structure and new facilities, it is sure to be a positive experience.

All the best.
Rhett Bowden