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Principal’s News

December 4, 2019

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

The year is almost done and I really cannot believe how quickly the end has snuck up on us.  I will be speaking and reflecting on the year at our Presentation Afternoon next Wednesday so I will keep this brief.  I hope to see you there!

Thank you to all parents, families and friends for your support and engagement with O’Loughlin this year.  It has been a most successful year and one of the main reasons is the supportive community that we have.  Our students feel positive about our community, on the whole they care deeply about it, as I do, and this is so important.

Our Creative Arts Night was another incredible success.  Thanks to Ms Jo Green and her team for allowing us to admire and revel in the talents and gifts of our students.  I am always stunned and amazed by the creativity and talent on display.  Well done to all students.

Our Senior School Transition is now into the second week and I am really pleased at the positive response of our students to this initiative.  As they move into Year 11 and 12, we want to ensure they have the best possible start and this is occurring.  Thank you to Mr Stephen Versteegh, our Deputy Principal, for the mammoth task of creating a new timetable so that we could run the transition.

There are many tired young and older people at school at present but we are all encouraged to keep supporting each other and work positively toward the end – next Wednesday for students and Friday for staff!  Thank you and well done on another wonderful year at O’Loughlin Catholic College.

All the best.
Rhett Bowden