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Principal’s News

June 17th, 2019

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

IMPORTANT - Please remind your children that Aerosol Cans (Deodorants) are not permitted at school, as they can cause serious Health issues for some - including me!  Roll-on deodorant is permitted.  Thanks!

Two special events have occurred in the past week - the Athletics Carnival and our Reconciliation Assembly.  Both were highly successful and showcased our strong sense of community.
Well done to all students, staff and families who participated in the Athletics carnival.  It was another action packed day.  I feel immense pride of our students, and staff, who give their best to represent their Houses and our College.  The winning house and age champions are being finalised as I write and we will publicise the victors soon!

Thanks to Cashy Burns, our Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker Coordinator, and her team for the organisation of our Reconciliation Assembly.  It really was a special occasion.  I have included an abridged version (I did get a little carried away with stories) of my speech.

Have a wonderful week.

Reconciliation Day - Assembly Speech
Thank you to the organisers of this assembly.  Thanks especially to Cashy Burns and her team.
The definition of Reconciliation is restoring friendly relations.

What does this have to do with us?

This idea and action is in response to our History.  A history of invasion of Aboriginal lands, colonization and dispossession, when the British took Australia for its Empire 231 years ago.
It has been a hard history and not friendly! 
The Larrakia lost their land and for many, many years had no say over it.

The history is still there but we now acknowledge and understand it, we do not pretend it did not happen or shy away from it, and we have moved and will continue to move into a time when all Australians are proud of
everything there is about being Australian.

The Larrakia remain proud and have the say over a lot of their land and I am proud to share their land with them.
Our First Peoples - the Aboriginal and Islander peoples - are incredibly important to who we are as Australians.  I am proud to be an Australian who has a history of 60 - 100,000 years.  The power of this land, and its stories, is who we are and the more we learn and take on the spirituality and power of this land and its first peoples the better we will be as a country.

Reconciliation Day is about strengthening us as Australians.  It’s about being proud of our Country and our people by acknowledging our history, and ensuring that we, as a multi-cultural Australia, walk together with our Aboriginal and Islander people into the brilliant future.  Just like Michael Long does in Melbourne before the Dreamtime at the MCG game.  And well done Tigers for winning that game!

Thank you for being a part of our Reconciliation Day.

All the best.
Rhett Bowden