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Principal’s News

3rd April 2019

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

Week  10  and  the  College  community  continues  to  strive  to  achieve  success.    With  the challenges  of  assessments,  an  eleven  week  term,  no  break  in  the  weather  etc  etc,  it  is never easy to stay on top of it all.  It continues to make my chest swell with pride when I engage with our students and staff and see that they remain positive and happy to keep putting in the effort. 

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our Parent/Teacher meetings this Thursday and next Tuesday.  I hope that you find the experience informative and rewarding as you speak to the teachers about the progress of your children.  Education is a three way partnership, that also includes the whole community, and these meetings are really important.

With Easter almost upon us, it has been wonderful to witness our Youth Ministry and RE groups preparing for and running many events.  The Year 12 Youth Ministry class, with Mr Bourke, ran the Grade 5 & 6 Holy Spirit Primary retreat last week and it was an amazing success.  Our Year 12s were sensational and the feedback was excellent.  Our Year 11 RE classes are preparing for our Easter Plays next Friday and we are all excited about the prospects.  The whole school, with special mention to our Year 8s, have engaged in Project Compassion and are really making a difference.

Two of our teachers are currently representing O’Loughlin while attending International Conferences.  Mr John Bament is in Brussels for an International Maths conference and Mrs Debbie Walter is in Tokyo delivering her Masters Paper to an Art and Humanities Conference.  We are very lucky to have so many excellent teachers at O’Loughlin.

Keep going well for the remainder of the term, as you continue to support your children to be the best they can be.(On Tuesday I sent out an email regarding BYOD –Bring Your Own Device.  If you have not read it, please do and contact me if you have any questions.)

All the best

Rhett Bowden