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Mr. Rhett Bowden

Mr Bowden commenced his principalship at O’Loughlin Catholic College in 2017.

He has a wealth of experience in education both in the Northern Territory and Southern States.  He commenced teaching at O'Loughlin Catholic College in 2004, after holding positions at Ivanhoe Grammar and Camberwell Grammar in Melbourne, and Wesley College in Perth.  He has been a Senior leader at O'Loughlin, coordinating and driving improvements and developments across all areas of the school.  He is very proud of how the College has grown to become well respected for delivering quality education for our community.

Giving children the best possible opportunity for a well-rounded education is a high priority for Mr Bowden and he is keen to ensure the children of O’Loughlin Catholic College are given every opportunity to develop their talents and to develop a keen sense of service as participating members of their society.

He is excited to continue into 2020