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Food Technology

A meal is more than food – it’s a form of visual self-expression that both pleases the eye as well as the taste buds.

Food is the main concern of government bodies both locally, globally and in the development of political and economic issues.

Students have the opportunity to develop their self-expression, creativity, self-confidence and non-verbal skills. They refine food application methods and techniques intended to support the development of life skills for today’s world.

Students will examine and practice their understanding of the requirements of WH&S in order to exercise some control/influence over their environment i.e. maintain a safe working environment in the OCC Kitchen. They will investigate and make informed choices in the foods they select to consume with an outlook to maintain a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.

The students are motivated by the practical aspects of producing food and most have a genuine interest in the subject area as part of developing life skills. Students will undertake supporting investigations and as an essential component of the course, students will follow a design process in their practical work.

The course has a focus on food production; the properties of the different ingredients used and the development of a standard consumable product applicable in all areas of the food and hospitality industry.  Student learning is focused on properties of a variety of food ingredients, cooking methods, techniques for presentation/packaging as well as the application of technology in the handling, production and processing of packaged food items in the 21st Century.

Students discuss and develop an individual design and food construction project with the teacher following the stipulated design process. Students will be expected to complete home work on a weekly basis and to compile a comprehensive folio of all work completed each semester. Assessment tasks will be presented in the written or digital format as per the task assessment criteria.