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A Library is often the heart of an institution. When the Library at O’Loughlin Catholic College was first built it was physically in the centre of the school. It was the hub, where everything happened – classes, assemblies, liturgies, sleep-overs, as well as it being a place of enjoyment of reading and research.

However times have changed and the College has expanded and the emphasis on digital research and learning has developed rapidly.

The Library values and supports teaching and learning through the use of desktop and laptop computers, ipads and smartboard, as well as audio-visual equipment.

The Library has an organised collection of books, periodicals, music, posters, DVDs, encyclopaedias and games. The collection compliments and endeavours to create information-literate students, as well as offering a pleasure ground for readers.

We are proud of the diverse collection of literature in this Library as well as curriculum related resources.  

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