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Special Needs

The Special Needs Department plays an important part in the teaching and learning process at O’Loughlin Catholic College, supporting students from Year 7-12 with Special Education Needs.

Support happens within the mainstream classroom and when needed, students can be withdrawn to the Learning Centre for more intensive lessons.  It is an integral part of the O’Loughlin community and many students see the Learning Centre as a safe place if they have any issues, academically or emotionally. The staff are able to act as the student's advocate, give advice and/or refer students to the relevant support people.

The O’Loughlin Catholic College community has many exciting events that happen during the school year, such as sports carnivals, retreats and camps. Support staff attend these events to offer support and encouragement where needed.

During term 4, an orientation program for new Year 7 special needs students is offered, where the incoming students are invited to visit O’Loughlin Catholic College to meet the staff and students and familiarise themselves with their new environment. Occasionally students visit on a weekly basis to ensure a smooth transition from Primary to Middle School.

Special needs students are encouraged to participate in every aspect of College life and it has been exciting to see them elected to leadership roles across the College.

The Special Needs Department is also involved in the 'Transition to Work Program' which enables students to look at their long term goals and to begin to prepare themselves for their future careers.