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Welcome readers to the Health and Physical Education Sports page. Sports at the College gives everyone the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at various physical activities. We will take you on a journey to celebrate our students’ triumphs and jubilations on the sporting field. Some activities have already taken place during Semester 1and at the beginning of Semester 2, and some are yet to take place.

The beauty of our sports program has been the inclusiveness/no-barrier type culture, which has promoted team-ship. The cornerstone which makes participation in sports here at O’Loughlin Catholic College different from our fellow secondary colleges has been a combination of a passionate staff team and the dedicated students.

Sports – Current

A plethora of sporting activities range from inter-house to inter-school (through clusters as well as privately arranged) to School Sport NT Representative teams on nationally run programs/excursions. Some activities include Basketball (Jnr Medal), Netball, Rugby League, Rugby 7’s, Touch Football, Swimming, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, AFL (boys/girls), Soccer, Cricket and Tennis.

During Terms One and Two, our College was represented well, gaining excellent results, especially in Junior Basketball, and Middle School Touch Footy Cluster events.

Sports – Future

The school has some very talented students and it would great to allow them to expand their current skills as well as learn new ones in BMX riding, Aquathlon, Triathlon, Indoor Cricket, Gymnastics, Golf, Cross Country and many more. We believe students have their God-given talents and only need to persevere, to realize their true potential.

We believe in developing the ‘total’ person, which means that each student is challenged intellectually, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically -  HEALTHY BODY = HEALTHY MIND.


Some years ago O’Loughlin Catholic College and St. John’s Catholic College started a Rugby League culture. O’Loughlin Catholic College witnessed a very successful run throughout the early years. The KNIGHTS CUP was born, and now is a permanent fixture for both schools’ calendar. Staff members Matt Rivas (Y9 Team Leader) and Stephen Kay (IEW) are organising this event.
Another exciting development was the annual get together by St. Joseph’s (Katherine), O’Loughlin, St John’s and MacKillop Catholic Colleges. This has been a Middle School focus to promote harmony and direction through Years 7, 8 and 9 students in our Catholic Schools.

2012 saw the start of another initiative in the pool, whereby O’Loughlin Catholic College and MacKillop Catholic College underwent squad training. As present O’Loughlin Catholic College squad sessions are held every Friday (except Public Holidays), while MacKillop Catholic College train Tuesday afternoons. The purpose of this initiative is threefold - first to develop skills and awareness of correct swimming techniques; secondly to prepare students for representative swimming and thirdly to foster social development and interaction outside the formal school setting.

The College motto ‘Make Us One’ comes alive each time an sports excursion takes place. Staff and students together, hopefully live the Gospel by their actions, on and off the field.
Over the years many great staff members have left the College, but their legacy and pastoral care ensured that the right environment was created for Sports to develop and flourish


GSELL - GREEN: Gsell is named after Bishop Francis Xavier Gsell who was the first Bishop of Darwin.

HUNTER - YELLOW: Hunter is named after Br. Ian Hunter the first Principal of O'Loughlin Catholic College.

COLLINS - RED: Collins is named after Bishop Edmund Collins who retired as Bishop of Darwin after serving for 21 years.

MACKILLOP - BLUE: MacKillop is named after our Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who is Australia's first Saint.