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Fine Arts

The College’s art room is fully equipped with art materials and resources to learn/create a wide and diverse range of art making skills and techniques. Our Visual Art teachers are all successful practicing artists making for a wealth of collaborative knowledge and skill sharing in the creation of inspiring projects.

Students explore an impressive range of different materials and processes in the development of exciting and challenging art works. Fairly structured projects provide support and progressive skill development for our younger students whilst senior students tackle highly individualised projects designed to strengthen and showcase their particular talents and appeal to their own specific interests.

Year 7 explore a range of tonal media as they explore how shadows and highlights describe form and texture. The subject matter varies from year to year: from natural forms........

To Medieval Greenmen

Colour theory work lays the foundation for these Year 7 collaborative 'lolly paintings' (working in groups of 4 on large scale pieces) which in turn inspired this Year 11 sculpture work.