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College Board

O'Loughlin Catholic College has a College Board which advises the Principal.

The Board is made up of parents, teaching staff, the Parish Priest, and the Principal. The College Board contributes to the overall welfare of the school, using the expertise and experience of those on the Board.

The College Board meets during each school term on Mondays of Week 4 and 8, at 5.30pm in the Boardroom.


Board Members 2020

  • President: Fr Peter Hendriks 
  • Executive Officer: Rhett Bowden

  • Chairperson: Zane Dolbel (3rd year)
  • Secretary: Melanie Gellel (1st year)
  • Tania Jong (6th year)
  • Connie Holloway (3rd year)
  • Ana Jong-Lee (3rd year)
  • Dal Harding (3rd year)
  • Jodie Cowdery (1st year)

Staff Rep
  • Shirley Worsfold