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Year 8 Retreat

In Year 8 we focus on the big questions around social media, relationships and what it means to be a person filled with faith in what can sometimes be a very secular environment

Real Talk’s Junior Love and Life presentation breaks open topics around personal identity, good decision-making, love and relationships. Based on Catholic values and using personal sharing from our team of presenters, we provide up-to-date education on these important topics.

We use relevant language, discussion, videos, reflection, critical thinking activities and stories to inform, equip and empower students. On this day the retreat explores the following topics:

  • Being created in the image of God
  • Self-worth and appreciating diversity
  • Making good choices
  • The impact of the media
  • Healthy relationships
  • The meaning of sexual intimacy
  • Marriage
  • Setting goals and standards

Real Talk’s Love and Life Seminars / Reflection Days are an opportunity for young people to hear from our presenters about the repercussions of poor choices and see the fruits of positive choices. Our aim is to empower students to make healthy choices that show respect for themselves and others.