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SEQTA Engage


O’Loughlin Catholic College utilises the Learning Management System (LMS) SEQTA Learn (students) and SEQTA Engage (parents). The launch of SEQTA as our LMS will help support our student’s learning, while also increasing engagement between staff, students and families.


Click the link below and enter the following details:

Username: Name.Surname

Password: Name.Surname

 SEQTA Engage

If parents have any issues or concerns they can contact the front office for assistance [email protected]


Below are examples of the variations in surnames:

Name O'Surname

Username: Name.Osurname

Password: Name.Osurname


Name Surname-Surname

Username: Name.Surnamsurname

Password: Name.Surnamesurname

Name-Name Surname

Username: Namename.Surname

Password: Namename.Surname


Name MacSurname

Username: Name.Macsurname

Password: Name.Macsurname