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Year 12

Students in Year 12 continue the pastoral care program, which focuses on developing the whole person and fostering positive relationships, communication, inclusivity and diversity.

Students have the opportunity to further develop their emotional and social wellbeing through participation in self-awareness, resilience and emotional intelligence sessions.

Students also learn skills in exam preparation, cyber safety, mindfulness and how to be an effective leader both in the College and the community.

Students complete subjects offered through the South Australian Certificate of Education Board and are eligible for the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET). The NTCET is continually updated and improved to ensure it meets the needs of students, higher education providers, employers and the community.  By completing the NTCET, students build essential skills and knowledge they need to succeed – whether they are headed for further education, training, an apprenticeship or straight into the workforce.

At Stage 2 (Year 12), 30 percent of work in each subject (such as exams, practical projects and presentations) is marked by external experts. The rest of the work is assessed at the College, with marks cross-checked and moderated with external experts. This ensures all students are marked according to the same standards.

On completion of the NTCET, a certificate which records achievement is provided.

To gain the NTCET, students at O’Loughlin Catholic College must:

  • Fulfil the subject requirements set down by the South Australian Certificate of Education Board (must achieve an A, B or C for all the compulsory subjects and courses; must achieve an A, B or C in 140 credits).
  • Have studied at least three Stage 2 subjects and passed them to a C standard.
  • Study units of Religion in both Year 11 and Year 12.
  • To obtain an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), students need to complete a minimum of 90 credits at Stage 2 level.

Miranda Colquhoun