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Inclusion Support

The Inclusion Support Department endeavours to provide educational programs of quality that are adjusted for students with additional needs.

In line with the Catholic ethos, O’Loughlin Catholic College is a community that reflects care and respect for diversity and learning.

The Department is led by an Inclusion Support Coordinator and a specialised Inclusion Support Teacher, as well as a large team of Inclusion Support Assistants (ISAs). They work closely with teaching staff and Executive to ensure that all students with additional needs are provided with targeted and specific adjustments to reach their potential.

In consultation with families, students and teachers, we aim to provide a carefully considered and adjusted program for the individual needs for each student within the school environment. We offer additional programs to help support key areas of difficulty, including reading, social skills, and sensory processing. In developing these programs, they can also work collaboratively with specialists and external agencies to establish a detailed and appropriate Educational Adjustment Plan (EAP).

Funding to provide their support is received from the Catholic Education Office through the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD), which is an Australian Government Initiative. This funding is provided for students with a diagnosis or imputed disability that impacts their learning in the classroom. For more information about the NCCD, please visit their website at

Families of students with additional needs looking to join our College community are encouraged to complete the Application for Enrolment (attach link) and disclose any relevant information that would assist us to plan and prepare for a positive transition into O’Loughlin Catholic College.

The Inclusion Support Department follows the College’s Pastoral Care commitment to actively promote the wellbeing, belonging and security of all members of the school community.