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Year 7 Retreat

This is a wonderful day where students spend time by the ocean exploring the theme of Galilee.

This year students will be attending Casuarina Beach and participating in meditation, sand castle building, journaling and many other formative experiences that help these new students develop a sense of faith and spirituality in their lives.

The Year 11 Youth Ministry students lead this day and it is a wonderful way for the Year 7 students to see how they can aspire to be a leader as they move through the years to Senior school. Ways in which the Year 11 showcase ‘servant leadership’ for the Year 7 students is by washing their feet, leading their small group (with teacher support) and developing relationships that may not have otherwise been developed in the school setting.  

Students come out of this day with new friendships, a deeper relationship with God and an understanding of how they can rise up to be leaders in the future.