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Year 7

Year 7 is an important year for students as they transition from Primary to Middle School.

O’Loughlin Catholic College understands the significance of this progression and provides students with a middle schooling approach that administers an opportunity for students to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Relationships are key during this time therefore Year 7 at O’Loughlin enables students to take the leap into Middle Education whilst having a core group of teachers and students that they can feel familiar with.

O’Loughlin Catholic College is proud of the Pastoral Care it provides to its students. From the beginning of Year 7 students are provided with opportunities to help them gain a sense of belonging. The Year 7 Co-Ordinator and the Homeroom teachers work together to help students build relationships with their peers and staff members that allow them to feel welcome and part of the community. The Year 7 Personal Development sessions once a week are also used as an opportunity for students to find their place within the college by including, a Team Building Day at the start of the year, the Peer Support Program with Year 10 students, and other activities that promote friendship and teamwork within the Homeroom group. Students also have the opportunity to feel a part of the college and the Year 7 group through school camps, Athletics Carnival, Swimming Carnival, Retreats, Masses and sport gala days.

Academically Year 7 students are provided with opportunities that allow them to experience a variety of different subjects. Students study core subjects, Humanities, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, Health and Physical Education. They also have a chance to try elective subjects including Italian, ICT, Food Technology, Art, Music and Drama. During Year 7 teachers focus on guiding students towards study habits that promote successful and effective learning through the usage of the online ‘Study Skills Program’, the organisation of lockers, and the utilisation of the college diary.

O’Loughlin Catholic College provides extra-curricular programs including Tournament of Minds, Debating, Curious Minds Clubs, Basketball Program, and Mathematics Enrichment for students who are looking for extension beyond the classroom.