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Specialised Learning & Enrichment Program

Mathematics Competitions

O’Loughlin Catholic College participates in competitions such as Computational Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Test and the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), which emphasise problem solving, creativity and develop students’ interest in the learning of mathematics. Through some of these competitions, students can reflect and refine their problem-solving skills and mathematics knowledge.

Middle School Maths Enrichment

This program allows mathematically able/keen students to experience a wide variety of challenging Mathematics and Informatics that they may not see in their regular class.

The program is now in its fifth year at O'Loughlin Catholic College and we have seen a continued increase in the number of students achieving National recognition, as well as choosing to study more challenging Mathematics courses in Year 10, 11 and 12.

For interested students, they would miss one of their regular Maths lessons per week and work on a variety of Maths tasks with other like-minded Middle School students; as well as entering National and International competitions.

Due to missing one lesson of their regular lessons per week, they must be performing well in their regular class, are able to cope with missing a lesson, show the maturity to catch up on any work missed and not fall behind with homework and/or assignments.

The Maths Enrichment program is not compulsory and if students need to attend their regular class during key times in the year, this is more than acceptable.

G.R.I.N- Getting Ready in Numeracy Intervention Program

The program, developed at Monash University, is intended to provide support for students having trouble in Mathematics. The aim of the program is to prepare students to better participate in their regular mathematics lessons.

Maths Help

This program led by Mathematics Teachers during lunchtimes, provides support to students who may need help with homework, assignments, or specific topics outside of regular mathematics lessons.