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Principal’s Welcome (Mr Rhett Bowden)

Welcome to O’Loughlin Catholic College and the 2018 school year. Located in the Northern suburbs of Darwin, our College has a proud 30 year history Catholic education. O’Loughlin is a secondary co-educational school that cares passionately for its students and strives for excellence, promotes a rights-based approach to education and focuses on inquiry-based learning to prepare its student cohort for living in the 21st Century.

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

O’Loughlin teachers and staff often remark on the great privilege it is to have the chance to make a positive, and sometimes life changing, impact on our students.  On Friday night, I reflected on how fortunate we teachers are for the positive, and sometimes life changing impact, our students can have on us!

On Friday night, in our Barn, Emma Gonzadi (Year 9), ably assisted by the Gonzadi family and supporters, staged a brilliant Quiz night.  Emma has once again this year taken on the challenge of raising money for the Leukemia Foundation and the Quiz night was another fundraising event.  I marvel at the energy and passion that Emma displays as she goes many extra miles to support this cause, as it is inspiring.  I am inspired to do more, care more and ‘be more’ in my everyday life.  And this is just one example – the impact the Big Bike Ride students have had on me is incredible.  We are lucky to have our students and families, who can change our lives.

The term continues to rush by and the end of semester is in sight.  Reports are being finalized and you should receive them by the end of next week.  Please contact the College if you do not have them in the post by next Friday.  The timing gives our students and families the time to reflect over the holiday break on their achievements and areas for improvement, and plan for further success in Semester Two.

Edmodo is an important means of communication between home and school, as it presents us with ‘real time’ classroom information and reporting, so that parents/carers are able to see what is happening for assessments and in the classroom.  Parents/carers can also gain an insight into the teaching programs and styles of each individual teacher.  We have added some general information about Edmodo in this newsletter for your reference.

All Australian Schools are required to update their Privacy Policies.  We have done so – please have a read of the policy later in the newsletter.  We will be sending this policy home to you in hard copy (as required by government) and ask that you can sign the acknowledgment form and return to school with your child. 

As this is the last newsletter for the semester, I wish you all a wonderful holiday break.

All the best.

Rhett Bowden