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Principal’s Welcome (Mr Rhett Bowden)

Welcome to O’Loughlin Catholic College and the 2018 school year. Located in the Northern suburbs of Darwin, our College has a proud 30 year history Catholic education. O’Loughlin is a secondary co-educational school that cares passionately for its students and strives for excellence, promotes a rights-based approach to education and focuses on inquiry-based learning to prepare its student cohort for living in the 21st Century.

Dear O’Loughlin Community,

What an amazing time it has been lately.

I hope that we are all now safe and secure, that our house and gardens are recovering and that we may have all contemplated the meaning of life.  That last comment sounds flippant; however, it is a thought that passed my mind – what is life all about.  A cyclone can certainly make you ponder.  If anything, the cyclone reminded me that the most important things in life are family, friends and our community.  Caring for those you love.  I will thank Marcus for that reminder, but nothing else.

School was closed for two days for safety concerns and I hope that you all were not too inconvenienced by the closure.  Thank you to all staff who helped with the clean-up and all parents and students who offered support.  The College is now safe and students and staff are working hard to complete a successful term.  There will be the long weekend for Easter at the end of next week, then one more week until the holiday break. 

Easter is the most important time in the Catholic Calendar year and I hope that the time gives you the chance to reflect on what it all means.  Many in our community are not Catholic, yet I am sure that we all think about what the Jesus and Christian story means, why it is important and how it influences us here at O’Loughlin.  Once again, the College will be participating in the Easter play, performed by the Year 11s.

Last week we focused on the Australia wide ‘Bullying No Way’ campaign and ran many activities during our classes and Personal Development sessions.  We continue to work hard on stamping out bullying across all areas of life.
Harmony Day is on Wednesday and we are having activities throughout the week.  I’m looking forward to the celebrations.

Stay safe.

All the best.

Rhett Bowden