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Year 9

In Year 9, students are offered both core subjects and a range of semester long elective subjects.

The core compulsory subjects are Religious Education, Health and Physical Education, Humanities (English and Social Sciences), Mathematics and Science. In addition students select studies that will allow them to identify their interests and discover more about themselves as learners and individuals. The subjects are selected from Visual Art; Drama; Sports Science; Design and Technology; Languages and Music. Four elective subjects are selected to be studied over the academic year (including Cooking, Graphics, Woodwork and Coding)

Students in Year 9 are allocated to a Pastoral Care class with a dedicated Pastoral Care Teacher. The Pastoral Care Teacher will teach their Pastoral Care class at least one subject and a Personal Development lesson once a week. The Year 9 Personal Development course includes units on; Cyber safety and digital citizenship, Learning and Study Skills, Gratitude, preparation for Senior School and future careers, and Mental Health. In addition, this teacher will take the class for morning roll call and manage daily school logistics and information.

In addition to the traditional classroom based subjects. students are given the opportunity to participate in Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) programs.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a focus at O'Loughlin Catholic College. Students in Year 9 are actively encouraged to engage in STEM projects which have a cross curriculum focus.

Teachers in Year 9 collaborate as a team who work together to create rigorous and challenging  curriculum that is relevant to the lives of students and is the stepping stone in preparing students for senior secondary education at the College. Importance is placed on connected learning across the key learning areas; differentiation for extension and support, and assessment as learning, for learning and of learning.