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Year 10 Camp

Cultural Program

Location: Mary River Wilderness Retreat

Duration:  2 nights, 3 days

Theme: Students will stay in cabins within the Resort and participate in a range of different cultural experiences. This camp will give our students the opportunity to gain a deeper connection with local Indigenous culture, the environment and allow them to be guided into the next phase of their lives through a rite of passage ceremony. A rite of passage ceremony is a ceremony that for thousands of years within Indigenous communities has recognised the importance of supporting individuals to transition safely from one stage of life to another, for example girl to women or boy to man. We have lost touch with this ritual within western culture, where research shows this is leading to the rapid decline in young people’s mental health. This activity will be embedded within the cultural camp so that nature and the community nurtures each young person’s personal growth story.

Activities include:

  • Local Wet Lands Tour on Air Boat
  • Women’s Business Workshop
  • Men’s Business Workshop
  • Bush Tucker Talk, Coming of Age Ceremony
  • Art Workshop
  • Music Workshop
  • Evening Celebration Feast and Cultural Immersion Activities.