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The Big Bike Ride

The Big Bike Ride (BBR) commenced in 2008 as a means to inspire students to set goals, take on challenges, develop teamwork, grow mentally, spiritually and physically as young adults and build resilience.

Over the coming years, students from all year levels have taken on the challenge, along with supportive staff and families.  It is one of the most brilliant activities that builds individual as well as community strength and spirit.

Michael Bowden, Year 9 Coordinator at the time, was the driver and energy behind the ride and he maintained his commitment to this inspirational activity up to his sad passing from Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in 2020.  He completed the ride in 2019 whilst suffering the debilitating effects of the disease.  He truly embodied the spirit of the ride and O’Loughlin Catholic College.

It is an entire day ride of 130 kilometres, normally occurring in Term 2 or 3, and the students, teachers and families involved learn valuable lessons about life as they prepare and then complete the arduous journey.

Over the years the BBR has gone on different routes, yet the main one has been either to or returning from Mandorah.  We look forward to challenging ourselves again in the near future.

Every year there is a report written about the ride and we will include it on this page.