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PTO (Parent Teacher Online)

At O’Loughlin Catholic College we use an online booking process for our Parent, Student and Teacher interviews. This is via the weblink PTO.

Parents and Carers need to acquire a password login via the website.  You will receive an email with your password to enable you to make bookings. 

We have found in the past that those using an ntschools email address may have the reply email with the password blocked.  If you do have an ntschools email please ring the College and the office staff will give you your password.

The interviews are for the students as well as the parents.  Please note that there is a dinner break between 6.30pm and 7.00pm.

Some staff (especially those that are part-time) may not be available for all of the time slots.  Please feel free to contact the teacher via email to arrange an alternate time.  If you think that you will require more than 8 minutes for your interview, please arrange an alternate time.

Click on the PTO link below to get started.

Parent Teacher Online