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Homework at O’Loughlin Catholic College involves a partnership in learning with students, teachers and parents/caregivers.

It allows for the practising, extending and consolidating of work studied in class, encourages students to be self-motivated and to take responsibility for their own learning and creates independent and lifelong learners. Students are encouraged to take full responsibility for their own homework. Formal homework schedules are introduced at Year 7 when students are expected to complete projects and assignments.  There is a gradual increase in the volume and degree of difficulty of homework as students progress through the College.

Summative Assessment Submission Framework Year 7 -10 2023

Students who need to apply for an extension must apply to their teacher in writing 48 hours before the task is due. If an unforeseen circumstance arises on the day of submission, parents/guardians, along with the student, will need to inform the teacher, and negotiate a new submission date.

Study Skills

Along with this framework, students will be undertaking a Study Skills program during Pastoral Care lessons, developed by Enhanced Learning Educational Services (ELES). There is also an online resource, which parents/guardians can access through 

The purpose of this program is to help support student learning and organisation skills, useful through their academic life and chosen career paths.

Assessment Calendar

Students and parents/guardians can access all assessment dates on SEQTA.