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Sister Ana Rosa belongs to the Congregation of Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. This community was founded in Darwin in November 2019.

Sr. Ana Rosa has been a part of the O’Loughlin staff since 2020, first as general assistant teacher and then as an Inclusion Support Assistant to Year Seven.

Sr. Ana Rosa is originally from the Canary Islands (Spain). During her university studies she lived in a student residence run by the Missionaries of Nazareth where she met some of the sisters. After finishing her studies, she felt God's call to the consecrated life and travelled to Barcelona to begin her religious formation.  Sr. Ana Rosa had the opportunity to work in some of the Colleges of the Order in Barcelona and The Canary Islands. Then in 1995 she was assigned to our mission and Colleges in Cameroon (Africa). In 2013 she returned to Spain before travelling to and arriving in Darwin in 2019.

All the sisters of the community work in the area of education and help in multiple activities across the Parish related to the formation of children and young people. In her time at the College she has met many families and given catechism (Christian teaching) to some of them.

She looks forward to continuing her work in her new role as College Chaplain and can be contacted on [email protected].au