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Margaret Flynn has been Chaplain at O’Loughlin Catholic College for three years now. She tried to retire at the end of 2013 after being Teacher Librarian here since 1990, but somehow got lured back into this College family again in 2017 when Rhett Bowden became Principal!

Margaret went to school at St Mary’s, Darwin which in those days went to the equivalent of Year 10. After finishing the last 2 years at boarding school in Adelaide, she trained as a teacher. Her first appointment was at Bathurst Island amongst the Tiwi, where she spent ten years teaching. When Margaret came back to Darwin she taught at St Mary’s and Holy Spirit, before coming here.

She has had the pleasure of watching the College grow for the last 30 years, and enjoyed seeing it go from strength to strength. One of the exciting aspects of being around so long, is that she knows many of the families – in fact some of the parents here, she actually taught, and some grandparents were at school with her! The College has over a dozen ex-students on the staff at present – some in leadership positions in the school, which Margaret thinks is so wonderful to see.

As Chaplain, Margaret is a guide, mentor and friend to anyone within the College community. Her office is always open to anyone who just needs a ‘listening ear’ or a chat about things of concern. Margaret is available on Wednesdays and Fridays and can be contacted on (08) 8945 1277 or email  [email protected].